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Sunday, June 26, 2016

Yellow & White and Read Only Once...

"Hold on, let me re-read it. Maybe he was saying..."  I can't tell you how many times I've gone back and forth with my girlfriends sharing screenshots of iMessages, dissecting every word, searching for the hidden meaning (or any hint of meaning, really) in the text messages of the men I've dated. 

There's no inflection in a text message. There's certainly no body language, and often there's very little context. It's simply black text illuminated by tiny pixels on a screen. It's hard enough to interpret if a guy is flirting with you via text; and if he's not great with grammar you can pretty much guarantee that you'll be confused more often than not, but what if the option to obsess just isn't there?

Rewind to Christmas; I had been seeing this guy for a couple of months and we were getting pretty cozy. He took care of me when I was sick, we went on dinner dates that weren't solely followed by sex, we called each other "babe." But we hadn't actually made anything official. 

When the holiday finally rolled around I ventured home to Texas for a little R&R and decided that Snapchat would be a less intrusive way to keep in touch while I was away. He could check it at his leisure, ignore it if he were busy or at work, and I wouldn't have to regularly delete photos and videos from my constantly full camera roll... I chalked it up to a win.

Boy, was I wrong. Turns out some people really like to chat on Sna
p (I mean, I should have known his Snapscore exceeds 10,000). The thing is, Snapchat doesn't save a record of your chats. It's gone in a snap. That's the whole point. 

There's no going back and rereading his message, there's no going back to see what photo I sent while 4 gin and tonics deep. There's no option to undo or recall what you sent. There is the option to save chats and screenshot conversations and photos, but whoever you're chatting with will know. Snapchat politely says, "HE TOOK A SCREENSHOT!" Or "HE SAVED A CHAT!" 

Imagine me suddenly recalling said guy sending me a diamond ring emoji the day after I went out to the local bar. I had been drinking and there was the usual newly engaged millennial at the bar talking about her upcoming wedding and showing off her sparkly engagement ring. Did I mention it to him? Is he flirting with me and finally seeing that someone should immediately wife me? What is going on here?

On impulse, I text my BFF a little background and ask "What do you think he meant?" She asked for context and I honestly couldn't give her any. It was like it didn't even happen. As she pointed out, "At least [Snapchat] deletes everything so you can completely ignore it if you so choose." 

This scenario played out several times over the days following. Sometimes I'd get distracted and totally forget what he asked me before I closed the app. Sometimes I'd forget what I said minutes before and just reply with random emojis. One night we started to talk about sex and he mentioned it had been the longest he'd gone without sex in a while.

Wait, what? I was gone for about 13 days. We've certainly gone longer than that in the time we've been seeing each other... Right? Is this guy fucking with me? Dates and numbers are flying through my head. I want to text my bestie and get her take but yet again the conversation is gone. Like a slate wiped clean, there's nothing for me to re-read or dwell over. There's nothing for me to attempt to re-interpret or overanalyze. And try as I might, I can't remember what exactly he just said. 

So eventually, I just give up. And we keep chatting on Snapchat, and I keep denying myself the ability to over analyze what he says, and you know what? 

I'm noticing that it's making my life a hell of a lot easier. 

Thursday, June 23, 2016

What I Wore: Summer Blues

I'm living for these gorgeous summer days we've been enjoying! Every few days there seems to be one day thats just a bit cooler-- a nice reprieve from the intense Summer heat. These cooler days have been a fun way to experiment with Summer layering like with this Lucky Brand jacket I scored on the clearance rack. I paired it with a knit dress, natural sandals, and minimal jewelry from Chloe + Isabel

This petite crystal is actually part of a set, their Atlas Convertible Pendant Necklace Set. It has two layered necklaces, a shorter one with a darker, wider crystal, and this longer more delicate crystal pendant. I've been mixing and matching them with different outfits, both together and separately. I also picked up the Sand + Sky Convertible Pendant Set and Maritime Knot + Anchor Studs, which have been super cute for beach trips and days on the Cape. You can shop more from Chloe + Isabel here.

Lucky Brand Sweater Coat (old)  //  Lou & Grey Knit Dress (old)  //  Frye Brielle Sandals  //  Chloe + Isabel Atlas Pendant Set (worn solo) c/o Chloe + Isabel  //  Pave Stud Earrings (similar from Chloe + Isabel

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

What I Wore: MyWalit Watermelon Handbag

Nothing makes me feel like a kid again more than a visit to the playground! I was searching for places to shoot and stumbled upon this playground in Burlington and I couldn't resist taking a turn on the swings and doing a little climbing (even in these heels!). The cutest little boy was playing on the playground and I helped him rescue a whale from under the jungle gym. Kids have quite the imagination and I had forgotten what it was like to dream up these impossible scenarios and just run with it!

7FAM Mesh Top c/o Wrentham Village Premium Outlets  //  Lucky Brand Brooke Skinny Jeans  //  Banana Republic Honey Fringe Sandals  //  Ray Ban Sunglasses (stolen from The Next Gentleman)  //  MyWalit Watermelon Handbag c/o MyWalit (available at Lunarik on Newbury Street!)  //  MAC Russian Red Lipstick

I wore my new Watermelon Crossbody by MyWalit, I've been rocking this bag a lot on my weekend adventures. It's just so stinking cute! I was torn between this Watermelon bag and their adorable Pineapple backpack (currently sold out) but I'm glad I went with the watermelon. Paired with red lipstick it makes a basic look anything but! 

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Dinner at Committee

When I first stepped into Committee, I wasn't quite sure my parents would be into it. It's a gorgeous space and kind of swanky; reclaimed wood, sliding barn doors, and Edison bulbs adorn the space. I was in love, but anything too fancy and I can see the discomfort on their faces, my parents are very low-key. But my mom started raving about the decor and my stepdad found a beer on the menu he loves. 

After some suggestions from our waiter, we started with a fresh take on a simple Greek salad; the Okra Horatini. Garnished with okra crisps this salad has an unexpected and flavorful crunch and was one of the best Greek salads I've ever had. Tomato Keftedes were next, served warm with an Alfa beer aioli. A little messier than anticipated, but these fritters quickly disappeared from their plate!

We made our way through the menu sampling Salmon Plaki, Grilled Octopus (yep, my mom ate octopus), Calamari Salonika, and my favorite the Souvlaki (marinated lamb, lemon, tzatziki). The Souvlaki was among the most flavorful and tender pieces of lamb I've had the pleasure of enjoying.  My mom (who doesn't even like lamb) was in love with the seasoning, and my stepdad and I happily argued over the last piece on the skewer. 

We barely had room for dessert but I couldn't resist ordering the Galaktobourekakia (custard, phyllo, honey), and Finikia Cheesecake (almond-honey cookie crust, Greek yogurt, berry compote). Each dessert was so light and sweet; I was glad we order them.

Fresh ingredients, expertly prepared, with a beautiful waterfront location in the heart of the Seaport District, what's not to love? Committee is the perfect place to celebrate special events, or to enjoy an authentic Mediterranean mea on the patio. Previously few and far in between, Greek restaurants are having their moment in Boston. Committee is among the best I've tried, and later this month they will be celebrating one year in the Seaport District!

50 Northern Ave.
Boston, MA 02210
(617) 737-5051

Friday, June 17, 2016

Grownup Firsts: I Bought a Condo!

If you had asked me what my goals were at age 21 I would have said "finding a cool job, being able to spend $5 on a latte and not care, and a sick collection of designer handbags and shoes." Fast forward to today; my 27th birthday is less than four months away and I've got a pretty cool job, still can't spent $5 on a latte and not cringe, and while I have a few new pairs of designer shoes (all purchased on sale) there's one thing I have been able to accomplish that never really occurred to me-- becoming a homeowner.

Sure, life as a renter had its perks; maintenance and repairs are easily attended to with a quick phone call, if the plumbing or electric needs work it's not your problem, and you can pick up and move whenever you want but after nine years paying rent in the Boston area (roughly $102,000) I decided I'd rather start putting that money to work for me instead of my landlord. 

Enter Society of Grownups; I had attended one of their supper clubs previously to learn more about investing and saving for the future but buying a home was a whole new ball game! I ventured to Brookline for their "You're a Grownup (Don't Panic)!" class and it was just the motivation (and reassurance) I needed to wrap my mind around budgeting and responsible finances. 

I'm pretty responsible with my finances. I have excellent credit (20 points away from a perfect score!), never use more than 30% of my available credit, I pay above the minimum every month on my credit card bills, and I'm pretty meticulous with my paperwork and tax records. The process of buying the condo was fairly simple but as a new homeowner it's important to me to start building a rainy day fund.  Of course I want to paint, and put nice flooring in the bedroom, and get some nice furniture to fill my new living room too, and that's not cheap. Society of Grownups gave me a bit of a wake up call when it comes to my saving and spending and I feel more prepared for life as a homeowner with a solid plan for building my savings. 

So here goes nothing! I move on the 30th. Wish me luck navigating this thing called being an adult...

This post was sponsored by Society of Grownups. All opinions expressed are my own. Thanks for supporting those who support!