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Friday, August 28, 2015

Weekend Wire!

Hello & Happy Friday! This past week has been all about listening to my body and trying to determine what it needs (rest, yoga, water, etc.) rather than what I want (wine, bacon, Shake Shack, etc.). A lot harder than it sounds, especially for someone like me who thrives on a busy day and bacon but we all have to take a step back once in a while. 

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This Week in Boston...
Sula Wine Dinner at Shanti 5pm-10pm August 31

There's also a few hours left to enter to win a $50 Simon Mall gift card from Northshore Mall. Head to instagram to submit your entry; a winner will be announced later today! You can also follow along with my weekend adventures on Twitter, PinterestFacebook

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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Wired Women: Tania Green

Wired Women profiles successful women pursuing their passions with ties to Boston. These women serve as an inspiration not only to myself, but to women and girls everywhere who are eager to make waves in their field. These fab women will be sharing their stories, twice a month while doling out some pretty useful advice along the way. This week I'm profiling Tania Green, the gorgeous, local entrepreneur behind PMS Bites (read more about PMS Bites on Style-Wire).

Style-Wire: I see you constantly celebrating successes; when you founded PMS Bites did you imagine things would blow up this quickly? 
Tania Green: The last five months have totally been a whirlwind, and I'm loving every second of it. From the start I knew I had a unique and delicious product, and I knew that with enough passion, energy, and hard work, I could make it a success. So going in my attitude was very optimistic and I expected a lot. On the days where I had some self-doubt,  usually PMS days =),  I would just remind myself that I had the courage to try something new and risky and that's how awesome s​tuff happens. The media attention was definitely unexpected, but I have been having so much fun with it! 

SW: What is it about Boston that makes launching a business like this achievable? 
TG: ​Boston is a breeding ground for innovative ideas and vast networks of people who are hungry to help and pay it forward! When I was first starting out and had absolutely no idea how to start a business, I would leave my 9 -5 job at the time and go to as many networking events and meetups as possible--sometimes I would go to 4 -5 a week (check out the Consumer Goods Meetup, it's amazing​)! People in these groups have started businesses before and are happy to share tips and tricks and pitfalls.  My advice is to put yourself out there, share your idea, and take as many lunches/coffee dates that you can stand. You never know who you will meet in Boston and how they can help you grow! Now I am a 2015 finalist for MassChallenge, the world's largest accelerator for startups--and it's here in Boston!

SW: What's an average day like for you?
TG: There are a couple of habits/disciplines that are consistent in my life in order to maintain personal happiness. I keep my phone outside of my bedroom so I am not tempted to check emails when I first wakeup. I'll meditate for 10 minutes, make my bed, drink a glass of water, take vitamins, eat breakfast, and workout at Title Boxing Club on Causeway Street. I just realized that eating right, resting, and working out is so key to having a productive and happy day. So many people say "You're going to lose yourself in your business/eat unhealthy/gain weight, but that's not really an option for me; I can't sell a healthy product if I don't lead a healthy lifestyle. If I don't take care of myself, I can't take care of my company. 

From there, every day is different, which is the best part! I'm either in meetings trying to establish partnerships or I'm training people on how to make the bites, or I am searching for a co-packer to make the bites and handle fulfillment. It really depends on what the priority is for the week!

SW: You're a one woman show, what keeps you motivated?
TG: PMS Bites is my passion. I always knew I had the ability to branch out on my own and lead a company, but I didn't know what I loved. When I realized that PMS Bites was the idea that I could give my entire life to, I hit the ground running with such fury. I am motivated by the problem I am trying to solve. 80 - 90 percent of women experience one or more of the 150 symptoms of PMS. These symptoms can last an average of 7 - 10 days out of the month. That's 122 days out of the year where we are not functioning optimally. I want to help women take those 122 days back!

SW: Occasionally you get some anti-feminist flack for your product catering to women's "time of the month," how do you deal with that? Do you consider yourself a feminist?
TG: ​I believe in, fight for, live by the true definition of a feminist; a person who believes in the social, political, and economic equality of the sexes. PMS is absolutely a disadvantage; up to 150 symptoms (bloating, cramping, irritability), that can last 1/3 of a woman's month. Men don't have to contend with that--ever. So if there are healthy lifestyle choices a woman can take to reduce symptoms and take control of her month so she can get out there and kick some ass, why wouldn’t that be a good thing? 

SW: Clean eating is an important aspect of your business, how difficult was it to create a product that was gluten free, vegan, and all natural?

TG: ​For me it was super easy because I believe that food is fuel and the right foods can heal your body. When I first started out, someone I was talking with loved the name PMS Bites, but wanted me to take the less expensive path and just make a chocolate chip cookie. People would still buy them because it's cute and everyone loves chocolate chip cookies, but I knew this was the cheap way out. My whole business is founded on reducing triggers for PMS, and sugar is the biggest one. When you eat sugar, blood sugar levels spike and give you this temporary high. Then you crash and your symptoms feel way worse than before. On top of that, women can feel bigger and more bloated, unhealthy, and guilty for eating so much sugar. It's a vicious cycle. PMS Bites provides women with a healthy alternative that we can crave, enjoy and not feel guilty. The best part is I ship them to your home the week you need it most! You can also find them at all Equinox gyms in MA.

Learn more about Tania & PMS Bites on her website and Like PMS Bites on Facebook!

Sunday, August 23, 2015

What I Wore: Summit Shoes

Nothing says Fall like new shoes! Since I started my new job around the same time everyone is going back to school I decided to update my wardrobe a bit and join in on the back to school shopping fun. I picked up a new planner and notebook at Target and a new pair of jeans and leather jacket at Lucky, and I received these fringe sandals from Summit by White Mountain to complete my Fall looks.They are unlike any other shoes I own and are a welcome addition to my closet!

The buttery, high quality leather is super soft; no breaking in required for me, these shoes were comfortable right off the bat. They have a small heel that adds just enough height but is still manageable to wear at work throughout the day. I can see myself wearing these pretty often throughout the season. I'm typically a 7.5 (or 38.5 in european or Summit sizing) so I sized up to a 39. I have a narrow foot, so I added an insole and they fit perfectly. You can add these to your back to school shopping list!

Target V Neck Tee  //  LOFT Slub Tank (similar)  //  Lucky Brand Brooke Legging Jeans  //  Summit by White Mountain Gera Sandal c/o Summit by White Mountain Shoes //  Peanut Lighter via Ball & Buck on Newbury Street on my own chain  //  Alex + Chloe Coco Is Dead Necklace (no longer available)   //  Sophie Hughes Stud Earrings (similar)  //  Apple Watch 

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

What I Wore: Stripes in the South End

Sharing more photos and belated details on the outfit featured in yesterday's post on my new gig at Frank & Oak! I've repeated the look a few times since and it's a hit every time. Perfect for summer meetings, evening adventures, and even dinner in the Back Bay. 

H&M Blazer (old, c/o H&M, similar)  //  Mossimo Tee  //  LOFT Skirt (old, similar)  //  Lucky Brand Booties via Marshall's (old, similar)  //  Warby Parker Piper Sunglasses

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Frank & Oak

When I first visited Frank & Oak back in June to check out the new shop and style a menswear look for the Weekend Warrior Facebook series, I fell in love with the shop and the brand. Through a series of fortunate events, I'm now working as a keyholder/manager at the Newbury Street shop! During my time working at Lucky Brand I discovered how much I really love styling men and working with menswear so this opportunity perfectly aligned with my years of retail experience and new passion. I'm really excited about this opportunity and even more excited to see how my style changes as I dive into this new role.

Frank & Oak was founded in Montreal in February 2012; Its highly edited monthly menswear collections were previously only available online but the brand has since grown to 11 retail stores throughout Canada and the U.S. Boston is the first U.S. store for the brand, so store manager Jeff (of Dress Code Boston) and I are really looking forward to working together to make this store a success. Here are a few photos of the shop and a behind the scenes look at my Weekend Warrior styling sesh...

Jeff, my store manager and partner in style.

I look forward to seeing everyone at the shop at 220 Newbury Street soon!