How To: Fake Scars

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The character I'm dressing up as for Halloween has a huge scar. If you saw my Instagram feed yesterday you may have already figured out who I am going to be. This post isn't going to give it away, but I will show you how I will be making the fake scar for the costume party I am attending tonight. 

This isn't my first brush with special effects makeup. Back in 2007 when I started at Emerson College I was lucky enough to get the lead female role in a short film called Cannonade. The role required me to have some bumps and bruises on my face and a makeup artist was brought in (check out this crazy photo!). This was my first time attempting anything  more advanced than fake eyelashes and it was almost too easy. 

You will need:          
Some type of special effects putty
A butter knife or small sculpting tool
Finishing powder
Fake eyelash glue
Eyeliner brush
Makeup sponge

The putty I used was called Creepy Skin and I purchased it at Dorothy's on Massachusetts Avenue. (Pro tip: The week of Halloween you want to go as soon as they open or while students are in class. The line can wrap around the corner!) It appears to have cotton blended into the formula which makes it hard to separate but gives a great consistency. For a scar this size you want to use putty about of a small blueberry. For my real costume, I will probably use an amount closer to the size of a large grape. You take the amount you need for the size of the scar you are trying to make and roll it into a rope. 

I'm skeptical about it sticking on all night, so I opted to use a little eyelash glue for extra sticking power. I applied it in a line with an eyeliner brush directly onto clean skin.

I pressed the 'rope' onto the glue and began to blend the putty into my skin with my Tweezerman extractor (don't worry, I sanitize it!). Continue blending until you achieve the desired shape and size of your new 'scar.' 

Creepy Skin has an oily finish, so I dusted the area with finishing powder and dabbed on a little makeup. I may opt not to cover it with makeup tonight; when applied to the skin it looks fleshy pink, just like a fresh scar. The whole process was a lot easier than I anticipated! What do you think of the results?  

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