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When I decided to redesign the blog I looked to some of the usual sources for inspiration like Pinterest and Design Sponge but I also decided to take a look at some of the spreads I've designed over the last few yearsEver since high school journalism I've loved designing pages for print and as I continued to learn more about design at Emerson College my passion flourished. My last couple of semesters at college were heavily focused on design and publishing. 

A majority of these spreads are from my Magazine Design class my senior year. We were required to design a magazine and below are selections from my magazine, Affair. The Intern Intel piece is from a group project for my Magazine Production class. The final spread (of which I wish I had more pages to show you) is from a book I designed for The Good Men Project during my time as a design intern at 826 Boston, a wonderful non-profit writing and literacy center for city youth. I'm extremely proud of the book, as well as my other design work. I hope you enjoy the pages, and maybe you can draw some inspiration for your own blog!

(The skulls were from a font set and one didn't export into the PDF, so they are Y's instead of skulls. Lame.)

I hope you enjoyed this peek into my portfolio! It has been several years in the making, lots of hard work has gone into it as well as suffering through InDeisgn crashes, lost files, and mangled laptops. Have you ever tried your hand at design? 

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