New Purchase: Zara Studded Applique Sleeve Coat

10:53 AM

There I was sitting on the train after a long day, swiping through the pages of the October issue of Real Simple on my iPad when I stopped short. Holy cow, that Zara coat looks amazing. Studded sleeves? Gorgeous navy wool? I couldn't stop thinking about it. 

When I got home I made the quick trip to and with a click, it was mine. I had a few concerns about this coat; I'm concerned about the quality, will carrying around a huge handbag on my arm damage the studs? And will the lack of buttons leave me freezing in Boston's windy winters? I wasn't alone, my friend Lauren over at Lauren Spends Money* had her own reservations about this Zara studded sleeve coat. I pushed aside my concerns and waited for it to arrive. 

I've been wearing it as an easy way to stay chic in spite of my commuter feet** and so far, no one has confused me for The Girl With the Rhinestone Sleeves. For this look, I added silver accents with a braided silver headband I picked up at CVS, some simple silver studs, and a pair of silver BCBG Girl heels.

My quality concerns were not unfounded, after wearing this coat just 3 times the tabbed fasteners at the neck came unsewn. Thankfully, that's an easy fix, and one that's not uncommon with coats. The studs seem to be firmly glued into place and appear to be pretty durable. My coat has no visible glue and looks great, but when I visited a Zara store and saw some of the others, the glue was seeping out from under the studs and looked terribly cheap and messy. It's a fairly warm coat ideal for layering in chilly weather. I can see myself rocking this coat into early Winter and again in early Spring and I love the navy color. This year has been a big year for navy in my wardrobe. What do you think? Is this coat too much or just enough?

*WARNING: browsing Lauren Spends Money may cause you to spend money you do not have. I mean, HELLO, DVF COMMA SKIRT!?!?

**Commuter Feet= ugly shoes/boots/Uggs worn while commuting to/from the office in cold weather to be hidden in a drawer and traded for beautiful heels once in the office.

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