What's Your Election Day Style? Part 2

9:59 AM

The polls are in and the votes have been counted! Barack Obama will continue to occupy the role of the President of the United States of America. Here in Massachusetts, Harvard professor Elizabeth Warren was elected to represent the Commonwealth in the Senate and Joseph Kennedy III will represent us in Congress. Additionally, Question 1 in reference to automobile repairs passed, Question 2 regarding the assisted suicide was defeated, and Question 3 passed legalizing the use of medical marijuana.

The news media has covered the citizens of storm-ravaged cities turning out despite the tragedy and obstacles, women going into labor intent on voting, and the increased turnout of the minority vote. But nothing compares to the dedication and enthusiasm I've seen displayed through various social media outlets. It has been truly impressive. And almost everyone agrees on one thing, it's not who you voted for, it's the fact that you voted and participated in America's political system. 

So while Mrs. Obama chose a purple-hued, silk-crepe Michael Kors cocktail dress, I headed to the polls (and later the office) wearing red and blue and ready to participate! I am lucky enough to live right around the corner from my polling location so I stopped in on the way to work. Big mistake; At 7:40 AM the line wrapped around the hallways of the building! I opted to head to office and return later in the afternoon. When I returned shortly before 4:00 PM there was only one person in line ahead of me. 

I wore:

What was your experience at the polls like? Did you pick a special Election Day ensemble?

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