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This week I was featured in HeartIFB.com's weekly Links A La Mode! Check out the rest of editor Taylor Davies' picks below! A big thanks to HeartIFB for the honor! If you are a blogger you should sign up, it's a great resource with a great community.

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A New Way of Thinking

Edited By Taylor Davies I called this round up “A New Way of Thinking” because I truly read some remarkable blog posts this week. More than personal style and shopping guides (though I love and included some of those, too), there were heart-felt truths about our community’s lives, as well as success stories that really inspire. After spending some time reading a few of the below posts, I am feeling and thinking differently about a few things – from Nordstrom to online shopping to our obsession with shoes and perceptions of Asian fashion. And that’s just the beginning. Take a moment to really appriciate this week’s round up, it’s worth it. Thank you so much to all of our brave and creative contributors!



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