What I Wore the Other Day: Repeat Offender

8:47 AM

It was me. I did it. I repeated an outfit. More than once, actually. I wore this outfit to the office last week on casual Friday but I originally wore it on my trip to Italy last December. It's comfortable chic, and it's my favorite way to wear these Gap booties I purchased last year. 

This year: 
Old Ivory scarf (lusting for this similar Coach scarf)
Forever 21 top (similar top here)
Gap Ankle Boots (similar ankle boot here)

Last Year:

Gap Leather Jacket
Ivory Scarf
Gap Ankle Boots

A lot of bloggers shy away from repeating the same items but if you have a solid foundation why not build on it?  I love repeating outfits. I have a whole mental cache of 'default' outfits that I know work, and work well when I'm in a pinch or running late. What do your 'default' outfits look like? 

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