Pro-Tip Tuesday: Reverse Inventory

2:41 PM

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Before you can build your dream closet & dressing area, you need a complete wardrobe. 

How many times have you woken up and just looked at your closet, either not sure where to start or half-dressed in a skirt and heels staring into it as if the perfect blouse is just going to magically appear? 

This is me pretty much every morning. But Lindsay over at Black & Blonde One had a genius tip that I am loving!

She keeps a sort of "reverse inventory;" A running list of what essential items she's missing from her closet. When you're struggling to get dressed in the morning think about what staple pieces you are missing that would serve as a good foundation for new outfits based on what you already have in your closet. 

For me that would be the perfect white cotton blouse, more neutral silk blouses, and a great pair of dark black jeans. This is a really great idea for college seniors and recent grads. I had a hell of a time transitioning my closet from college wear to more of a working wardrobe. I didn't own a single appropriate blazer and the one pair of dress pants I owned were a cheap Forever 21 polyester blend. 

I still find that I'm missing certain staples so this list really works for me. I'm finding this technique to be super helpful and I hope it is for some of you! Check out Lindsay's complete post here

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