Pro-Tip Tuesday: Tame Those Fly-Aways!

2:06 PM

Okay, so you might look at this bottle of Aqua Net and think, "Elissa are you stuck in the 80s?" But Aqua Net is my go-to hair spray. It's cheap, I like the smell, and it holds well. That said, Today's pro-tip is a handy one! 

I straighten my hair almost every day and naturally, there is a lot of breakage. Those fine hairs have a knack for standing straight up. I take a clean spoolie, spritz it with a little hair spray and run it along those little fly-aways. And voila! They are instantly tamed. This is also great for eye brows too. If you have a wayward hair or are out of brow gel you can use this same trick. 

Simple, easy, and I bet you already have these tools in your bathroom. If not, you can find them here: Spoolie Brush, Aqua Net.

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