Pro-Tip Tuesday: Get That Job

11:57 AM

So you're going for that dream job or you've nailed an interview, now what? My friend, recruiting coordinator, and independent job consultant, Nicole, has a few tips for you: 

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1. Make the job search your full time job.
If you are unemployed, start each day like you're going to work by sitting down at your computer, and applying meaningfully to jobs. If you already have a 9 to 5, carve out some designated time to do your applying before you shut your brain off each day. Don't send send applications at 1 a.m.-- HR people question this.

2. Dress the part.
The phrase "dress for the job you want, not the job you have" might sound silly, but it's absolutely true.  I definitely recommend everyone own a suit.  If you don't own a suit, you should have a blazer and a skirt/dress pants that you can pull together to look like one.  No one will ever fault you for looking "too professional."

3. Do your research.
Whether it be for cover letters of interviews, spend appropriate time researching the company.  Show the company that you know what they're about, and what makes you want to work there.  For interviews, you should have questions prepared, but never questions that could be answered on the company's website. 

I had a few style questions for Nicole, too:

1. If you wear an accessory make it:
A. A smart bag
B. A chic scarf
C. A simple cuff

2. Peep toe heels-- Do or Don't?

3. How much makeup is appropriate?
A. Stick to classics- a red lip or simple lined eye
B. Keep it nude and barely there
C. Be creative

Good luck on your next interview! Need help landing that dream position? Have a question or a comment? You can reach out to Nicole on Twitter or via Linkedin

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