Pro-Tip Tuesday: More Money Tips

2:30 PM

You know that scene in Confessions of a Shopaholic, when Becky freezes her credit card in a block of ice? Yeah, I totally did that once... And ended up like Becky in the bathroom with the hot water running. I do a version of this- I keep my credit cards in the freezer just not actually frozen... Anyway, here are some of the better ways I've been saving cash this month...

Know Your Cards: I have a Discover card, and I happen to know that if you buy something with your Discover card and it goes on sale within 90 days of your purchase, Discover will refund you the difference. I received almost $100 in  refund checks after the holidays. It really pays to know your card benefits. 

Keep Up With Your Bills: It seems simple, but it's really easy to fall behind on a credit card payment. As luck would have it, I had a zero-balance and was a month ahead on my student loans when I lost my job. That definitely lessened the blow.

Buy With Purpose: I must confess, I bought a dress yesterday but that dress had a purpose. I bought it from my new retail job (with my employee discount) to wear to a specific store event, and have already planned different ways to wear it to work once a week to get the most wear out of it while it's still current. Once I get tired of it, I plan on selling it online.

Dream Big: Have a goal in mind. I know I really want to visit my friends in Chicago, so when I'm upset I can't get that $5 latte or am flat broke, I just think about how much fun we will have traipsing around the windy city later this year.

Give Yourself an Allowance: My boyfriend uses this trick to stick to a budget. He sets himself a daily allowance based on what he can afford and sticks to it. If he doesn't spend one day, he can spend double another day. He's become really great budgeting for daily expenses.

More ways I've been keeping costs down: bringing coffee & tea from home // less eating out and cocktails  buying in bulk // buying only what I know I will use // grocery shopping more often but buying less // properly storing food & produce // having breakfast at home vs. on the go  // utilizing the freezer // drinking more water // hand washing clothing more often // line drying clothing // minimizing dry cleaning // avoiding the internet/ads/posts full of beautiful things // walking instead of taking the T // shopping my own closet // cleaning out my closet // avoiding spring sales // going to bed earlier // DIY home cleansers // DIY beauty treatments // walking the dog instead of yoga classes // spending more time outside // borrowing library books & DVDs // library museum passes // participating in focus groups // date night with movies on Netflix // splitting the tab 

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