Pro-Tip Tuesday: Top Saving Tips & Tricks

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I've always had a fairly modest budget, sometimes a little more lush, sometimes a bit more strapped... but along the way I've gleaned some helpful tips & tricks I thought I should share.

IMG_2448 If you've ever had to ask yourself, "Where is all my money going?" Mint is for you! Mint helps you identify your spending patterns and presents it graphically. I never realized just how much I spent buying coffee and fast food until I saw it neatly displayed on Mint. Now days, I rarely splurge on coffee and I avoid eating out when I know I have a fully stocked fridge at home.

Leave it at Home: If you don't have it, you can't use it. Unless I plan to use it, I try to leave my credit card at home. Especially if I'm trying to stick to a budget at the grocery store or am going on a quick errand. Even better, only take the cash you need. Going for drinks with the girls? Taking only $20 ensures you can cover a drink + tip without being tempted to go overboard. 

If you must shop...

Search Before You Buy: About to click "Submit Order?" Take a quick peek online for coupons, free shipping codes, or a better price. When I was shopping for boots in January I found a great pair at Dillard's for $159. When I got home my mom and I did a quick Google search and found the same pair for $79 plus shipping. Doing this each time I shop online saves me a few bucks, if not more. 

Sample Shopping: Sometimes the urge to shop hits you and you just can't fight it. This is when I do a little 'sample shopping.' I see this as my opportunity to hit up my favorite stores (like Lush and Sephora) while breaking out of my comfort zone a little and trying something new. Lush and Sephora are two of my favorites. Lush associates will happily send you home with a slice of soap. At Sephora you can sample almost any product; simply ask an employee and they will send you home with a small tub of that new BB cream or deep conditioner you've been wanting to try.

Be Thrifty: Venture to Goodwill or your local thrift shop for unique home goods and clothing at unbeatable prices. Searching through racks and piles can be a pain, but you never know what you'll find. I once found an Oscar De La Renta skirt for $14! Consignment stores are having their moment right now. Sites like The Real Real have been popping up all over. They're a great place to find designer goods for cheap, and an even better place to sell that designer blazer you bought and never wore. Just be mindful of commissions, the consignment shop will take up to 60% the selling price. 

Use a Different Card: No, not your credit or debit card. I'm talking loyalty cards, gift cards, store credits, etc. I like to save these perks up for rainy (read: broke) days when I need a pick me up. Earned a free froyo or coffee on your loyalty card? Save it for when you need those few bucks for something else. Just be sure to use them before their expiration! Same for gift cards and store credits, I hold on to them until I need them or am craving a shopping trip when my budget is less than forgiving. 

Do you have any tips of your own to share? 

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