What I Wore: Wu'd

3:30 PM

I'm so excited to share this outfit with you, it's probably one of my favorite outfits ever. I wore it last week to the Jason Wu lecture and it was perfect, although I had a very Carrie Bradshaw moment in it on the subway at rush hour (because who wears a tulle skirt on the subway at rush hour? Oh, me.) It's funny how this outfit came to be. I had originally imagined pairing this tulle skirt with a chambray shirt and colored pumps but something just didn't sit right... 

I started fiddling with it and tried a black cashmere, a plain tee, then a rust colored tank. Then I got the idea to put the fur collar on, and a brown belt with a huge Texas buckle, and brown leather gloves. Then I got something on my gloves and couldn't wear them and tweaked the outfit until I arrived at this. 


Isn't funny that I started out envisioning a tulle skirt and a chambray and ended up with this? I was thinking about cutting 4-5 inches off of the skirt, but held off. Do you think I should cut it? 

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