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When the arm party was in it's heyday I really struggled. I have tiny wrists and all of those cute bangles and resin cuffs never fit me. One size does not fit all when it comes to wrists. But then I found Alex + Ani and it was a match made in heaven. I started collecting the adjustable bangles two years ago; when I first discovered them I bought a ton, but nowadays I buy them to mark special occasions/life experiences. It's like a new take on the traditional charm bracelet. Here's a look at my collection of Alex + Ani bracelets...

 Twin Flames Cuff

Om Bangle, Best Friends Bangle, October Flower Bangle, Intial Block Bangle, Energy Bangles 

As you can see I've worn them so much they have tarnished and turned (I did the opposite of the care card and washed my hands etc. in them) but the patina just adds character. I love them all and rotate them throughout the week, sometimes just wearing silver or gold, and other times just picking my favorites. 

Next Monday and the following Monday I'll be showing you the Alex + Ani collections of two of my friends. Nicole has over 50+ bangles and Charnai collects gold and beaded bangles. Can't wait to share these phenomenal collections with you!

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