Pro-Tip Tuesday: All About Eyes

4:55 PM

This month at the request of Sabrina, my high school BFF, Pro-Tip Tuesday is going to be all about eyes! From lashes to brows I'll be dishing about my own routine, favorite products, and some of my the best tips around. 

First up eyebrows! (And this is definitely going to be a two-parter because I believe in the power of a nice brow.) How you tame them is really up to you and your hair type. Being latina, I have dark hair and thicker brows so I have my brows professionally shaped about once a month. In high school I relied on waxing, but these days I opt for threading. There's no risk of getting burned and it's much more precise. 

In between visits I maintain them with a simple pair of Tweezerman slanted tweezers. I also have a pair of pointed tweezers which some swear by, but generally I find the slanted tweezers easier to use (I tend to pinch myself a lot with the pointed ones). I only keep up with the area below my eyebrows and I don't use a magnifying mirror, I find it too easy to over-tweeze or mess up the shape of my brows. The hair above my eyebrows is generally a lot finer than the hairs in the area below which is why I can get away with having them reshaped and cleaned up only once a month.  

Below I've compiled some of my favorite tools and products for maintaining my brows, including a great post-wax or threading mask, and a soothing and cooling eye balm. Next week we'll be talking more about brows and some of my favorite brow pencils, powders, and gels.

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