Pro-Tip Tuesday: Take It Off

2:37 PM

When I'm having fun with my makeup, it's almost always my eyes that I play up. But whether it's with mascara, liner, or false lashes it's almost always a pain to take off! So many times I've neglected to properly remove my eye makeup leaving my lashes a clumpy mess. 

Typically, I find that Philosophy Purity Made Simple cleanser does a really good job at removing eye makeup and mascara, but when cleanser alone isn't enough I like to use Simple Kind to Eyes remover. I douse a cotton ball and gently remove mascara and liner with ease. It's also fragrance free which I love.

To remove false lashes I soak a cotton swab in remover and hold it to the lash line for a bit gently coaxing the lashes off. I then soak the lashes in a little remover and use the cotton swab to take off any excess makeup or glue. If you clean and store your fake lashes properly you can reuse them.

Do you have a favorite cleanser or eye makeup remover? Until recently I solely depended on my cleanser to remove my eye makeup, not realizing how much was left behind! Try these all star removers below rounded up from some of my best gal pals...

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