Pro-Tip Tuesday: Fit For Free

11:12 AM

I love yoga. It's one of the only work outs I don't resent, it actually feels good, and my body is always happy (albeit sometimes sore) afterwards. Hot yoga is my absolute favorite but I like a good vinyasa flow as well. You know what I don't love about yoga? How much it costs. Local studios can charge anywhere from $5-$20 per class with monthly memberships costing upwards of $200.

So what's a lady on a budget to do? Lululemon calls it the "gift of yoga"; Look no further than your local Lululemon or Altheta store. In Boston the Luluemon stores in the Prudential Center and on Newbury Street, as well as Athleta on Newbury Street offer complimentary fitness classes throughout the week. 

And it's not just limited to yoga; there are run clubs, boot camps, Pilates  Zumba, and more. Don't let your wallet keep you from staying fit this summer; hit up these complimentary classes and save that cash for a weekend trip to the beach!

The calendars for each store are available online: Lululemon Newbury, Lululemon Prudential, and Athleta Newbury. If you're headed to yoga, don't forget your mat! 

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