On the Road with Enterprise CarShare

12:03 PM

Last Monday Nicco, Evie, and I loaded up our Enterprise CarShare and headed out for a day at our favorite beach, Singing Beach, in Manchester-by-the-Sea, MA. I spent zero time outside enjoying the summer last year, and that was going to change! 

We headed to Government Center garage where we picked up our Kia Soul. After loading up the carrier and our stuff, we hit the road. I love driving through Massachusetts. It's nothing like driving on the open roads in Texas, but the lush greenery and rocky hillsides are gorgeous in their own right.

When we arrived at the beach it was just after noon. The sun was shining, the sand was hot, and the water was cool. It was a beautiful day despite the forecast predicting a 40% chance of rain. One of the things Nicco and I love about this beach are the rocks and small pools that form within them. Climbing and exploring them never gets old. Even Evie got in on the action.

We spent the rest of the afternoon laying on the beach, dipping our feet in the water, and enjoying the sun. It was so nice to get away from the city and out into the open. We took a walk from the beach down to one of our favorite ice cream shops in town, Captain Dusty's Ice Cream. 

I had blackberry & strawberry with gummy worms (yes, I'm 5) and Nicco had mint Oreo. We struggled to eat them quickly as they began to melt into oblivion. We walked around the streets and park surrounding Captain Dusty's and hit the road back to Boston, but not before making one more stop along the way...

Sonic Drive-In! I spent so many summers in high school loitering at Sonic during happy hour, eating chili cheese fries, and hanging out with my friends; so we had to stop in for a burger on the way back to Boston. Evie was excited about the whole experience, especially since they had carhops on roller skates who were gushing over her! 

It was the perfect summer day trip! I was unsure if I would get my beach day this year since Nicco's car is temporarily in storage, but Enterprise CarShare saved the day with their convenient service. The 180 miles included in the car share was more than enough (we traveled just over 75 miles) and there's a gas card when you need to refuel. Essentially, you just tap your member card on the windshield, and start driving! 

Enterprise is extending their CarShare offer to you, fab readers! You can join now and have your membership fee waived as well as $75 in driving credit instantly applied to your account. With that deal the car only cost me $9 for the day! You can sign up here!

 Enterprise CarShare provided me with a gift card for my beach trip as a thank you for writing this post. However, all views and opinions expressed are my own. 

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