Top 5 Beach Bag Essentials

4:40 PM

You're loading up your beach bag for a glorious trip, and you don't want to forget a thing. To make the most of your trip don't forget to pack these few little extras & favorites.

The first thing you toss in your bag is sunscreen, but for me the days of greasy white sunscreen are over. I recently discovered L'oreal Sublime Sun Sunscreen Oil and I'm obsessed. I get a hint of color, with SPF 30 protection. Don't forget to reapply! Wearing sunscreen on your face is essential to prevent aging and sun spots so lately I've switched my normal translucent powder for Peter Thomas Roth's Sunscreen Powder. Easy to carry with me, even easier to apply. I reapply it several times throughout the day.

Beach-side snack shops aren't usually serving up the healthiest snacks so toss a few of your own in your tote. I've been snacking on Kind Bar's new Nuts + Spices bars and I'm obsessed. Madagascar Vanilla is my favorite flavor and you see all the yummy ingredients that make up these delicious bars. No junk here.

Leave old school flip flops behind and swap them out for adorable jellies. Even easier to clean, and 100 times more chic. My Gucci Marola's (pictured above) are my favorite jellies, and I don't have to worry about sand ruining them. I think these Calvin Klein jelly sandals are perfect for the beach.

One double duty item I make sure to throw in my bag is a reusable water bottle. Fill it with water to keep you hydrated but refill it later to rinse off feet and gritty hands. 

I must admit, Monday when I went to the beach, I forgot one of these essential items, and let me tell you, I was annoyed. If you have long hair, don't forget a hair tie! When the heat and humidity is high, the last thing you want is your hair sticking all over you. Fabric ties like these are the perfect option, no metal, no snags, and gentler on wet hair. Buy them, or make them yourself!

So, which of these products do you not dare go to the beach without? (Hopefully it's sunscreen!) 

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