Midweek Refresh

10:30 AM

Right now it's moving day, my parents are here, and I have a long to do list. When things get a little hectic, I can quickly lose focus so I do my best to take care of myself, even if it's just in little ways.

On days when I work from home it can be especially difficult to stay on task (hello, the internet is like a crazy time altering universe) so I make sure to take a break, even if it's just to enjoy a fun drink, like Poland Springs sparking water with frozen fruit or lemon

I love sparkling water; ever since my trip to Italy a couple of years ago it's been my preferred option. My boyfriend and I like to grab a large bottle to enjoy when we cook dinner together at home. It reminds him of being back home in Italy and it adds a touch of class to an otherwise ordinary dinner.

When I'm on the go like I have been lately, it's nice to stop and smell the roses so to speak. While I waited for my parents to arrive yesterday I sat on the steps of the public library sipping on a bottle of Poland Springs sparkling water, watching people come and go and mentally preparing myself for the week ahead.

Whether it's a moment with sparkling water, a cup of caramel coffee in the morning, or a mid-week face mask, I relish in those few minutes to relax and recharge. Be sure to check out the Poland Springs Facebook page to see how others unwind during the mid-week grind! What do you do to stay sane among work-week craziness? 

This post was sponsored by Poland Springs, however all opinions expressed are my own and I really do love sparkling water.

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