Pro-Tip Tuesday: Tackling the Move

10:50 AM

It's been three years since I last moved. In college I moved nearly every year (twice in one year even) and while it never gets easier, it does get a little simpler. Here's what I've learned over the years...

On the balcony of my first apartment, 2009.

Don't Pay for Boxes: Cardboard boxes are ridiculously expensive. Are you a regular at Starbucks? Do you know someone who works retail? Most will happily oblige for a great friend or customer. They are a little clunky to carry, bring a friend or take a taxi.

Break the Cycle: September 1st is the most popular moving day in the city. In addition, hundreds of thousands of students are returning for the Fall semester. If you can, negotiate a shorter lease or consider breaking your current lease. It will be much easier to obtain a truck and permits and much easier to move when the streets aren't congested with traffic and moving trucks.

Plan It Out: Here's my plan of attack for moving into my new place. I'm lucky enough to be moving into my new place on August 16th but have my old place until August 31st. My plan is not incredibly detailed, but having a plan makes sure I'm not sitting on the floor of my apartment buried in junk at midnight on August 30th.

Week 1 (August 4-10): Clean the apartment; Take dry cleaning; Do all laundry and dishes; Clean out the fridge; Toss any expired medications and products from the bathroom.
Week 2 (August 11-17): Clean out drawers, cabinets, storage spaces, and toss or donate unused items; Pack up storage spaces and non-essential kitchen items; Wash all curtains, towels, rugs, etc.
Week 3 ( August 18-24): Drop off first round of boxes; pack up non-essential bathroom items; Clean out closet; Pack up out-of-season clothing; Clean all furniture and fixtures.
Week 4 (August 25-31): Drop off second round of boxes & small furniture; Remove and pack all wall hangings, fixtures, etc.; Disassemble Ikea furniture (Google for the instructions if you don't still have them!); Pack up closet; Fill nail holes and repair any damages; Clean.

Heavy Lifting: Pack the heaviest items in rolling suitcases. Think books, pans, etc. Much easier to maneuver than an awkward box.

Know Your Place: The new one, and the old one. Nothing is worse than thinking you'll be using the elevator, only to find it's smaller than you remembered or in use by another tenant. Know where the stairs are and be prepared to use them! 

Okay, so who's ready to make their move? I know I am! 

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