Weekly Recap!

12:30 PM

It's been such a crazy/beautiful week here in Boston. One day it was almost 90°F and another I woke up and it was barely 45°F. But I'm loving every minute of it becuase I'm not quite ready for Fall just yet. I suppose I have to be though, tomorrow is the official last day of summer.

This Week on Style-Wire
What I Wore: Brunch on the Odyssey
Brunch on the Odyssey
Pro-Tip Tuesday: Shopping At Trader Joe's
Snapshot: Leather & Lace

...And coming up next Week on Style-Wire
6 Seconds Flat with Wendy's
Pro-Tip Tuesday
Midweek Treats
What I Wore: Ready For Fall

Whew! Obviously, there is a lot going on and a lot coming up but I'm ready for it. Have a great weekend, friends!

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