Received & Reviewed: Distinctly White

5:47 PM

More often than not whitening your teeth at home is a messy and sometimes painful situation. Whitestrips have left my teeth feeling sore and sensitive and trays are such a mess to use (not to mention, you look like a monkey with them in). So when I set out to try Luster Premium White's Distinctly White kit I wasn't expecting much. 

After using this product for a couple of weeks however, I'm happy to report that this is a gentle product that will comfortably brighten your smile. While I didn't experience dramatic whitening results, regular use of this product has definitely left me with a small, but noticeable change in my smile. I really like that about this product because some products can whiten unevenly, leaving spots. 

It's super simple to use; just rinse with the accelerator mouth rinse to prep your teeth and carefully brush on the concentrated whitening gel. Wait a bit for the product to dry and you're done. I really like how simple it is, no need to time your treatment and nothing to dispose of. It's also really easy to double up on the treatment, just wait a while and reapply the gel to increase your results. I like to apply it after I brush in the morning and then again before I leave the apartment. 

I would definitely recommend Distinctly White for those who are sensitive to whitestrips and gel trays. I didn't experience any sensitivity or pain and the system is so convenient and easy to use. Not to mention, at about $12, it's an inexpensive way to maintain your smile. I would definitely purchase this product again.

Have you ever used Luster Premium White products? What are your favorite products for a brighter, whiter smile?

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