Starting 2014 Right with NERGIA

12:00 PM

When the New Year began how many of us made resolutions to get healthy, cut out over processed foods, lose weight, or just get more accomplished? I know I did, but it also seems I can't find my way out of this post-vacation haze... 

Enter NERGIA, a natural way to energize without all the junk that's commonly found in energy drinks and supplements. NERGIA is unlike any other evergy drink because it's comprised of all natural ingredients found in seeds, berries, and bark of the Brazilian Rainforest and is more like super-charged tea than an energy shot. 

No preservatives, no taurine, no crash! Ringing in at 14-19 calories per bottle, NERGIA is made with organic Guarana seeds, Acai berries, and Catuaba bark. It is then gently pasteurized and bottled in small recyclable glass bottles that are easy to toss in your bag and enjoy as you go about your day. 

NERGIA is currently only available at and GNC stores in New York City, but expect to see it locally soon! This is one product I think active and health-conscious Bostonians will love. 

So the question is, what will you accomplish today? 

This post was sponsored by NERGIA. All opinions expressed are my own. Thank you for supporting those who sponsor! 

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