Adventures in Healthy Living II

9:30 AM

Last month I celebrated one month of living a more active and healthy lifestyle and this month I'm happy to report I'm still on track! Although there was a fast food stop or two along the way, I've been increasingly active. Here's what I've been doing to stay motivated & on track...

Healthy Eating

I find that purchasing a ton of veggies with the intention to eat healthy usually ends up with me not wanting said veggies and them wilting or rotting into oblivion in the back of the fridge. Instead I'll buy a bunch of baby spinach (easy to use in smoothies, salads, etc), and one or two other veggies. This week it was a bunch of asparagus and a potato which made easy additions to my week day meals. 

I focus more on fruit because I know I always want to snack on fruit. A bag of clementines and a bag of pears from Trader Joe's typically won't last more than 4 days (Is it bad to eat like 6 clementines in a day?). I'll pick up a couple of apples plus a pound or so of whatever is on sale. Having healthy snacks and ingredients on hand is half the battle!


Earlier this month I won a 5 week membership to Pure Barre from Little Miss Runshine and I've vowed to use it to it's full advantage. Since it's a membership I would not normally be able to afford, it really offers that extra incentive to go as much as possible within my 5 weeks. I've been going religiously at least 4 times a week and I absolutely love it! I will give you a full update on Pure Barre when I've completed my membership in a couple of weeks. 

I also registered for my first 5K! Rewind to a couple of weeks ago: I was waiting for the red line train to Braintree when I bumped into Khatu of I Am Khatu and she told me she was going to run the Color Me Rad 5K and somehow convinced me to join her. I registered and paid the fee so it's official and on the calendar, no backing out now! Once my barre membership is done I'll be switching my focus to running. Hopefully this perpetual Winter will lift within the next couple of weeks because I'd much prefer to run and train outside. 

Last but not least I picked up a new running jacket and a couple of sports bras and tanks on sale at the Gap last week. There's something about new gear that gets you going! And obviously, I like having fun with what I wear so why would what I wear to the gym be any exception? I like to pick up a piece of new gear to celebrate these little fit milestones. When I complete the Color Me Rad run in May I will treat myself to a new pair of running shoes! Maybe some custom Nikes?

What have you done to keep in line with your fitness and heath goals this month?

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