Easy DIY Update

8:30 AM

Happy Monday! Today I'm sharing a super simple DIY that makes for an easy, inexpensive update to old accessories and clothes. Studs! 

Last Winter I started studding these red leather gloves but never got around to finishing. This particularly brutal Winter prompted me to complete the project last weekend. It's so simple. You can get a pack of 100 basic silver studs on Amazon for under $5, or studsandspikes.com has tons of different colors and sizes available to further customize your look.  

All you need is: a pair of needle nose pliers, studs, and an item you'd like to give a new look. 

I started by lining up my studs and gently pressing them into the leather to mark the spots I wanted to place them. They will leave temporary impressions in the leather, so if you need to reposition them this is the time to do it. 

Gently poke the stud through the fabric ensuring the fabric isn't stretched too tight.

Once it's through use your pliers to fold the prongs into the stud.

Some of mine were still a little crooked (I'm not very crafty)...

But I absolutely loved the finished product! I studded both sides of the gloves and I've gotten so many compliments on them the few times I've worn them. Definitely look for them in an upcoming style post!

The gloves aren't the only thing I've studded. Years ago I studded the back pocket of my favorite pair of jeans. Those jeans are my absolute favorite and have seen so many indie shows! They look ultra-chic with heels + a blazer. The studs add something a little unexpected.

So have I convinced you to try this easy wardrobe update? What are you going to stud?

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