DIY Office Upgrade

9:30 AM

When I moved into this apartment last September I was sort of in a rush to get everything unpacked and placed and didn't spend too much time setting up a proper, creative office area. Well, I finally got around to it and I couldn't be happier with my updated space! Here's a peek at what it looked like before...

Wires were all over the place, samples were cluttering my desk, and it was not the most pleasant space to be sitting for hours on end. Armed with little more than some Command clips and a can of metallic silver spray paint here's the result...

  • First, I corralled and untangled the mess of wires that were on the floor and properly ran them through the desk (Ikea MICKE, with the drawer spray painted silver), and secured the excess wiring with clear plastic Command Clips behind the legs of my desk.
  • Then I spray painted two square frames I picked up from the trash at work and used scotch tape to create silver stripes on a smaller black frame I had lying around. For the artwork in the large frames I used DIY glitter paper circles, and I removed the cover of a special edition of Harper's Bazaar I've held onto since September 2010. The "Boss Bitch" print (my favorite piece!) is from Brim PaperyI also mounted my little calendar to the wall using a cork square and Command strips.
  • I spray painted a black wire inbox silver to hold all my important papers, blog mail, and current samples.

What a drastic difference it has made! I feel more productive, more organized, and more inclined to sit down at my desk and work! And it's just a more positive and inspiring space altogether. It's definitely my favorite area of my little studio apartment! What's your favorite area or room in your home? What decor DIY are you most proud of?

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