PopChips Challenge!

11:16 AM

Last week I headed to Workbar in Cambridge for a friendly cooking competition with Kitchen Surfing, Popchips, and Blog & Tweet Boston. Kitchen Surfing is an online service which will send a chef to your home and cook, or teach you to cook a specialty meal from one of their amazing chefs. Four of their chefs Jen Rogers, Mark O'Leary, Justin Hackett, and Jitti Chaithiraphant created some amazing recipes for us to test and all of them included Popchips! 

First up Mark O'Leary and Justin Hackett of Aprons Off Catering served up a delicious Vietnamese Bahn Mi Sandwich with Popchips cured pork, salt & vinegar Popchip mayo, Katy Perry's Popchip pate, and a Vietnamese style baguette made with pulverized Popchips! Who knew Popchips were so versatile? Props to Mark and Justin for incorporating so many different flavors of Popchips into their ingredients so creatively!

Next up Jitti Chaithiraphant of Food Is Love created a corn and cheddar Popchips soup. It was absolutely delicious with a rich cheddar flavor and crunchy Popchips garnish. I was surprised to learn Popchips were used as the base for this soup!

And finally, Chef Jen Rogers of Perfect Bite created a Popchips Chicken and Waffle app using Katy's Kettle Corn Popchips for the "waffle" and Popchips breaded chicken, with a delicious Honey-Hot BBQ sauce. She also served up the most delicious Bloody Mary I've ever had the pleasure of enjoying!

All of them were delicious but like I said, this was a cooking competition and we only have one vote... Well, my vote goes to Mark & Justin of Aprons Off Catering for their ultra-creative use of Popchips to create a yummy sandwich with so many complex flavors. 

At the end of the night we were sent home with a goodie bag filled with Popchips to create our own Popchips-centric recipe and I came up with these delicious Double Potato BBQ Bites

You'll need: 2 oz. BBQ PopChips, small batch of mashed potatoes, cheddar cheese to garnish, and BBQ seasoning.

To assemble: Spoon small amounts of mashed potatoes onto the Popchips, garnish with cheese, and sprinkle with BBQ seasoning. Serve immediately. Note: If left to sit too long your Popchips will get soggy. These didn't last long in my house, though!


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