Adventures in Healthy Living: April Update

11:34 AM

April was a tough month to stay healthy! It's one thing to drag your butt to the gym or Pure Barre a few times a week, but it's certainly another to drag your butt outside, to run alone

For the first few weeks of April I blamed the weather and then I caught a virus that knocked me on my butt for the next couple of weeks. When I finally got back to my routine, my work schedule got a little crazy. Work has me exhausted; I'm on my feet all day so at the end of it, the last thing I want to do is pound the pavement for a few miles. I did manage to make it to Pure Barre for class last week, as well as FlyWheel the week before, which I really enjoyed.

The one thing I'm noticing that's holding me back from performing my best is HYDRATION! I just don't drink enough water. I already knew that, but it's become much more apparent since I started using Nudge App. Nudge is a mobile and web app that syncs with popular apps like RunKeeper, UP, and FitBit to track your physical activity, food intake, and overall health.

As you can see, I just don't drink enough water. I get plenty of sleep, physical activity, and eat lots of fruit, but I can't seem to drink enough water despite having a water bottle on my nightstand at all times and religiously carrying my Vapur Bottle with me. I know if I can just hydrate better, I will perform better, so this month I'm placing an emphasis on drinking more water rather than my workouts. 

How's everyone else feeling? Have you been able to maintain a healthy balance this Spring? And if you have any tips for consuming more water, I'm all ears!

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