Health Beat: Winter Update

4:35 PM

So much has changed over the last couple of months! I may have started the year off being a little lazy but that has turned right around. In addition to becoming addicted to The Handle Bar's recess rides (typically 10am on Tuesday/Thursday, 12pm on Friday in Southie) I've started training with a personal trainer. 

I'll have a full post coming about my trainer, Zhubin, soon but until then trust me when I say he's kicking my butt and helping me become stronger. I realized heavy barre and spin classes were really only challenging my core and legs and am seeing Z to develop my chest, back, and arms (and of course, working on getting a booty like J.Lo, too!). This past month I also attended classes at Endurance Pilates & Yoga and FlyBarre, both of which I loved. 

Endurance Pilates & Yoga is located in the South End and run by Julie Erickson (pictured above), a personal trainer with years of experience. Her bubbly personality makes her the ideal trainer and her diverse training and experience allows her to teach everything from Yoga and Pilates to TRX and barre. I attended a preview class with Blog & Tweet Boston and am looking forward to heading back for a one-on-one session with Julie. 

FlyBarre is located within FlyWheel Sports in the Prudential Center. There are assigned mats, lessening the chaos of set up and mat-snatching mid-barre class, simply grab your weights and get ready to work! Unlike other barre studios, FlyBarre pushes you to the point of fatigue and then keeps you moving, working you harder and developing lean muscle. It's a challenging class that stresses endurance; I found it hard to keep up at times but I love that there's room to grow and develop in this class. 

I've also been juicing which I am loving! I purchased a Hamilton Big Mouth Juice Extractor and have been using it pretty much weekly to make my own juices. I typically drink one giant jar in the morning, one during the day at work and a smaller bottle before bed. My favorite is beet/carrot/apple/ginger but since there seems to be so many bugs going around I've been making shots of lemon/ginger juice with cayenne and maple syrup. I'm not going to lie, it can take a lot of time to wash and prep all of the produce (sometimes upwards of an hour) but I love creating my own healthy juices and not drinking so many iced teas and other sugary, processed drinks. I could still be drinking more water though! 

Eating healthy is such a challenge sometimes. I still find myself struggling to eat enough lean meat and get an adequate amount of protein. However, there are a few new local favorites I've discovered for clean eating on the go which I'll be sharing on the blog next week! 

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