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10:16 AM

Hello, lovelies! I'm still recuperating from this bug I seem to have caught. Daily lemon ginger shots and rest are helping but I'm ready to be back at 100%! One more day of rest and then I think I'll be back at my old shenanigans. Until then, I'm taking it easy today. But you should venture out and have fun this weekend! See what's up in Boston and what you missed on Style-Wire below...

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This week in Boston...
For the Love of Letter Press  11am-4pm March 28
Boston Design Week  March 19-29
Shades of Sound at the Boston Ballet  March 19-29
Big Fizzy Yellow Beer Night with Pintley  7pm-10pm April 1

And if you're going out this weekend book a table with Tablelist and use code STYLEWIREVIP for $75 (yup, $75!!!) off your table reservation. Alright, I'm off to the mall for a few hours then back to resting! Enjoy the weekend my friends. For scenes from my weekend follow along with me on TwitterInstagramPinterest, & Facebook!

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