Health Beat: Spring Shape Up

11:24 AM

Spring is finally here! The only thing on my mind right now is sunshine, beaches, boats, and beer. In anticipation of the busy summer and swimsuit season I've been working out at least three times a week. At least one of those sessions is with my trainer Zhubin at BSC Back Bay. He knows I love spin and barre so in our sessions we focus a lot on my chest, back, arms, and butt. He somehow tricked me into doing 150 squats and curls during our last session but as much as I complain to him I love the challenge! 

During our last workout I got to test out my new gear from City Sports. They have a house line of apparel that is affordable, cute, and great quality. CS products feature lightweight quick dry fabrics and a slim fit. These crops have a back zip pocket too, a must-have for tucking away my keys or phone during a run! This set pictured above is available at City Sports now.

Speaking of running, I'm back to running! I am so not a winter runner, (this winter especially) so now that the weather is nice and the snow is almost gone I'm lacing up my Fresh Foam's and hitting the pavement. This week I had my best run yet and it was only my second run of the season! Classes at The Handle Bar have really built my endurance and my body is so much stronger thanks to sessions with Zhubin. 

Who knows, maybe there's a marathon in my future? For now, I just love challenging myself to go a little bit further, and a little bit faster.
How have your workouts been going?

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