Health Beat: Sprint to Summer

12:17 PM

I don't know about you, but I've been sporting swimsuits and shorts already. I never thought the day would come but we have had some gorgeous 80 degree days perfect for laying out by the Charles River! 

The muscle behind my left knee has been acting up lately and giving me some issues so I haven't been running as much. Trying to stick to more low-impact workouts and wearing the cutest knee brace while I'm on my feet at work (JK, obvi cute knee braces don't exist). On the plus side, I get to enjoy this beautiful weather, on the downside, I just really want to run! 

Today I hit the Handle Bar for their Tuesday morning recess ride; seriously one of my favorite things to do on a Tuesday morning! Cara is taking over Tuesday morning recess rides and her playlists are on point! Right now they are offering their #HBSummerShare: 10 weeks of UNLIMITED rides (June 1-August 15) for $400, $375 if you purchase before 5/15. Pretty good deal if I do say so myself. You can purchase the package here.

Speaking of spin, I love the Just Live Lava Love Crops pictured above for spin. The fabric is unlike any I've felt before; silky soft and lightweight with some really cool prints and patterns available. I like to run in them as well because they are nice and tight and don't fall down while I run. I do wish they had a side pocket for keys or my iPhone but other than that they're my favorite workout crop lately. (Wore them today to spin!) 

On the food front I'm going to be totally honest; I'm crashing and burning. Like was at Tasty Burger two days in a row, drank all the Venti Frappucinos during Starbucks 10 day Frappucino Happy Hour, and have been regularly eating cereal for lunch and dinner. The culprit is most certainly laziness, but I haven't figured out how to win this battle quite yet... To be continued! 

How have you been doing this spring, my friends? Is the gorgeous weather and delicious seasonal food derailing your efforts or motivating you even more?

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