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My favorite thing about blogging is that no two days are the same. I've been lucky enough to be invited to car shows, fundraisers, cooking classes, and more throughout the years and I feel so grateful I get to experience so many new and different things. Some days are boring; I just work my retail job and hit the computer for a few hours, but others are packed to the brim with appointments and events. In honor of Project Hustle, Vitamin Water asked me to show #MyHustle and just what a day in the life looks like for me. Here's a peek at a typical "blog day"...


Every morning starts with coffee and emails in bed. I answer the important stuff, check my calendar, and make a mental note of what I need to take care of throughout the day. The bulk of my morning is spent getting dressed and commuting to Boston from Quincy.

Today I have a noon appointment in the Fenway so I stop at Pavement Coffeehouse on Boylston Street for a breakfast sandwich and another coffee around 10:45AM. While I'm there I plug in my iPad and edit a few photos, check new emails, and draft a few social media posts. Then it's off to the doctor I go.


I'm not always in front of the camera; photography is one of my "side hustles," if you will. I'm taking photos of my good friend Lynn's newborn baby Tudor this afternoon; he is the cutest little nugget and a joy to photograph. At only three weeks old, this is baby's first photoshoot! After we're done shooting Lynn and I pack up little Tudor in his stroller and take a walk to the Buttery for iced coffee.


My stomach is growling, so I stop for a late lunch at Sweetgreen. I grab a Kale Caesar salad and a sunny spot by the window and make another lap through my email and social media accounts. I even manage to get a blog post up and upload Tudor's photos.

After quickly changing my shoes and my skirt I meet up with my friend Stephany and we take a walk around Copley Square before settling in for tea at L.A. Burdick. We talk about everything and anything before I pester her to take a few outfit photos for me at Trinity Church. We sit around and chat a bit more before I head to the gym and Stephany goes to the Symphony.


I check in at the front desk at David Barton's Gym to ride with Cyc and change into my spin clothes. My favorite Cyc-ologist Johnny is setting up for class and I say hello as I get myself mentally prepared for him to kick my butt for the next 45 minutes.Class is intense and I find myself wanting to slack off during the arm segment of class but Johnny doesn't let me. I power through it and leave class feeling like a beast. 

It's a quick 30 minute train ride to Quincy; I browse condo listings, call my mom, and catch up with my BFF via text. When I finally get home my dog is so excited to see me. It's the highlight of my day by far to see her when I come home! I give her kisses, feed her and snuggle with her before getting ready for bed and checking my email and social channels one last time. 

So there you have it. I'm addicted to email, coffee, spin, and every day is a new adventure. I'm always on the go but I thrive on it. 

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This post was sponsored by Vitamin Water & Project Hustle. All opinions expressed are my own. Thanks for supporting those who support!

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