Survival Guide: Boston Calling

6:09 PM

With just two days until Boston Calling I thought I'd share a little style inspiration and some of my best tips for surviving the weekend! Whether you're a seasoned veteran or festival newbie there are some important things to keep in mind to ensure the weekend is an enjoyable one all around.

Hydrate, and hydrate often. Let's be real, Boston Calling is a party and I like to have fun. I make it a point to take my Vapur bag and set multiple alarms on my Apple Watch to make sure I'm well hydrated and playing it safe. 

Make a plan. The new Boston Calling iPhone app makes it easy to plan your day. You can customize your  Boston Calling also allows reentry into the festival with your wristband making it easy to leave the festival for bit, grab a nap in the common, or lunch at a nearby restaurant and return for more music.

Carry Cash. It's so easy to blow through money at a festival. Drinks, food, souvenirs, it's not cheap! I prefer to carry cash so I can make a daily budget and stick to it rather than mindlessly swiping my card. That said, Boston Calling is very card friendly. Most vendors accept credit card payments and there are ATMs available within City Hall Plaza.

Start the Day Right. Enjoy a full breakfast before hitting the festival. You'll save some cash by not arriving hungry and you'll have had a solid meal and will be ready to go if you plan to do some day drinking. 

Layer Up. The forecast for the weekend ranges from high 60s to low 50s. Don't leave home without a layering piece. I plan on rocking a 90s grunge look complete with a plaid flannel around my waist for those cool evenings. 

Comfort Is Key. Skip the chunky heels, wedges, and flat sandals and opt for sneakers or comfy booties. In May I wore sandals and by the end of the night my feet were killing me! Don't make the same mistake or you'll be dying to sit down when your favorite headliners are taking the stage.

Mind Your Phone. Bring a portable charger so you're not fighting for outlets. Also, be wary of carrying your phone in your back or shirt pocket-- especially if you're heading into a portapotty! 

About those Portapottys... Try to get your business done as early as possible, you don't want to be trapped in a nasty one at the end of the day. BYO hand sanitizer too, by the evening performances last May several were clean out. And ladies, skip the romper. It's hard enough taking one off in a regular bathroom much less a portapotty.

Edge Your Way Up. Dying to get up close and personal with your favorite band? Try to edge your way up through the sides of the stage rather than pushing through from the back of the crowd. I was able to snag a great spot for ILoveMakonnen's set in the Spring.

Make New Friends. At some point, you're bound to get lost in the crowd and get separated from your friends. Don't stress and don't be afraid to meet new people and talk up total strangers along the way!

LOOK UP! A lunar eclipse with a rare supermoon will be visible Sunday evening as Alabama Shakes takes the stage. It will begin at 10:11PM and last approximately 72 minutes. All stages of the eclipse should be visible here on the East coast, weather permitting.

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