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What a week! Between Labor Day weekend, head office visits at work, the grand opening of Primark in Downtown Crossing, and the nearly 5 hours I spent at the RMV becoming a licensed Massachusetts driver there's been time for little else. Ready or not, next week is even busier with daily events and the 9th Annual Project Smile Charity Date Auction where you can bid on an evening with yours truly! Hope you'll join me in supporting Project Smile. 

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This Week in Boston...
CollegeFest 2015  11am-7pm September 12
JP Music Fest  12pm-7pm September 12 
Blue Point Brewing Boatyard Bash 12p-7pm September 12
American Field Pop-Up Market  10am-6pm September 12 & 13
Out of the Park  1pm September 13
Cambridge Carnival  12pm-6:30pm September 13 
Fall Fitness with Tufts & Boston Magazine 6:30pm-8:30pm September 16
9th Annual Project Smile Charity Date Auction  6:30pm-9:30pm September 18

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