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The last time I tried a juice cleanse I got a little hangry and ended up in line at Qdoba ordering a quesadilla, chips, and guac by 4pm. But that was over a year ago and I have been running my body pretty hard lately so I figured I owed it to myself to try my hand at another. 

I opted for a two day Purity Cleanse from Nourish Your Soul; a cleanse designed to flood the body with chlorophyll for maximum detoxification and while it's one of the most intense cleanses, this time around I was much more successful. I had the support and advice of Nourish Your Soul owner Susan Cabana who gave me some helpful tips for juicing and cleansing...
  • Cleansing isn't about depriving yourself; above all listen to your body. 
  • Supplement your cleanse with lots and lots of water. 
  • If you rely on caffeine allow for a small cup of coffee or green tea to give you the boost you need. 
  • Seriously starving? Vegetable broth is an acceptable option during a juice cleanse. 

A couple of things I discovered during my cleanse...
  • Timing is everything. I probably shouldn't have chosen the end of the week to do my cleanse. Thursday and Friday are big days for evening outings and events and the temptation to cheat was everywhere.
  • Your friends are your worst enemies. Everyone wanted to go out for dinner and drinks and when I'd say "Sorry, I'm doing a juice cleanse," the response was always "So just one drink?" or "Just one bite?" Sorry guys, it doesn't really work that way.
  • Support is crucial. Halfway through the second day I wanted to run into Shake Shack with open arms but while I was at work Jeff wouldn't let me quit. If you have someone keeping you accountable you are more like to successfully complete your cleanse. 

The two day cleanse consisted of 7 juices to drink throughout the day; an a.m. lemon water, three green juices, pineapple pear mint juice, a lavender charcoal lemonade, and p.m. aloe water. The Pineapple Pear Mint was my absolute favorite, it was light and refreshing and certainly something I would pick up again on the go throughout the week. While the Lavender Charcoal Lemonade was visually the strangest (it's literally black) it was delicious tasting, more like lavender lemonade than the dark charcoal that gives it it's color. 

Did this cleanse change my life? Not exactly, but it was a great way to reset and get back to eating cleaner and being more mindful of how I treat my body. In the days following the cleanse I felt lighter, energized and ready to tackle anything that came my way. 

Nourish Your Soul cleanses range in price from $50-$350. You can learn more about juice cleanses and the cleanses Nourish Your Soul has to offer here.

I was provided a complimentary 2 day cleanse for review purposes. All opinions expressed are my own. Thanks for shopping local and supporting those who support!

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