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Wired Women profiles successful women with ties to Boston who are pursuing their passions. These women serve as an inspiration not only to myself, but to women and girls everywhere who are eager to make waves in their field. These fab women will be sharing their stories twice a month while sharing their experiences. This week I'm introducing you to an Emerson friend who truly changed my perspective on life. Julia is a free spirit, endlessly talented, and an inspiring creative. She currently lives in sunny California and works as an actress, most recently producing and starring in #Millennials.

Style Wire: You were raised partially on the boarder of Mexico in Arizona, did that have anything to do with your desire to become an actress?
Julia Larson: The desert was always a creatively rich landscape for daydreaming and imagination. On the ranch where I grew up it was totally untouched for miles and miles in every direction. It was scary, mysterious and alluring all at the same time. I had to keep myself entertained so I explored and played make-believe a lot. We had to drive though a river and over train tracks to get home from school, I rode an ATV on big empty dirt roads with my dog running beside me. Her name was Zula, she was one of very few friends I had way out there. There was this sense of wonder and adventure that I always strive to find in the stories I tell.

SW: What made you choose Boston and Emerson College?
JL: It chose me! It was one of many schools I applied to in the frantic frenzy to find my place at a looming thing called "college". I was to go to London to study acting, which seemed very scary right out of high school, but it seemed to be my best option. On my birthday that August, I was napping, probably having anxiety about leaving home for good that week, when my dad walked in my room with some sort of news... Emerson called to say they wanted me off their wait list and in their BFA Acting program. I of course changed my plans and headed to Boston. Crazy how one unexpected phone call can lead to so much. I've learned things usually happen like that; Unexpectedly.

SW: Did you ever consider alternative career paths?
JL: I almost decided to go into fine arts. My great grandmother was an art collector and all around fab lady. She gave me my first set of paints and my middle name "Valentine". She was Elizabeth Valentine, a chic as hell southern belle. My grandfather also encouraged me to paint, as well as the art teacher in high school who found my paintings after I would sneak into the art room after school. I still think about it...

SW: Whats the best advice you'd share with an aspiring actress?
JL: Dont give up. Accept exactly who you are at this very moment. If you're in class, in between gigs or at an audition... Don't try to be what you aren't or think you need to be. Be brave enough to walk in believing you are enough. Because you are. Take up space, be kind and breathe.

SW: What is the difference about acting in an intensely competitive environment like the LA film industry versus the types of gigs you worked on at Emerson?
JL: Much BIGGER. As a freshman I remember feeling so small and unable to get the parts, and be in the clubs, and do all the best and right things. But as I put one foot in front of the other I got a part in a small play, then I got in a club, then I got to go to a castle, then I got a big part in a main stage play, then I wrote/acted/produced my own movie my senior year. It's all just steps. I felt the same way when I came to LA; It was impossible, then a tiny door opened, then it was impossible again, then a bigger door opened. It's insane and thrilling and mad and wonderful. Emerson prepared me for that.

SW: You've come a long way since your days as the girl in the Barbie Lambo commercial. What has been your favorite person to work with to date and why?
JL: Oh, that commercial and my oddly erotic slo-mo hair flip! Very 90's glam. I would have to say my current boyfriend Casey, because we manage to be both in a very happy relationship and work together! Its rare and I think thats cool. It's amazing because it usually doesn't feel like work at all. Sometimes we disagree and sometimes its total creative harmony but in the end we just love making stuff that makes us laugh! I flew to New York to visit him because at that time he lived in Connecticut and I in lived in Los Angeles. He offered to help make a funny scene with me for my comedic reel but It became a side note to our romantic rendezvous. We stayed at the Standard in the meatpacking district, woke up after a crazy night in the city, and shot that episode in our hotel room, just him and I. The rest is sort of magical history! (You can watch "Rat Cancer" on our webiste: www.thejojanskis.com)

SW: You are working on a new show, #Millennials, tell us a little about the show and your role in it. 
JL: The show evolves around a young, ego-centric couple who attempt to detach from their iPhones in order to discuss issues surrounding their devices, portrayed by myself and Casey Geraghty (follow him on Twitter!). Most previous episodes were shot in a vingette/sketch form, while the new season is more of a larger narrative following these two as they try to make money to sustain their falsely lavish lifestyle. My character Deborah is a know-it-all who doesn't know much. She is witty but doesn't get every joke, she is sensitive and opinionated. She follows whats on trend, loves selfies, and is really good at it. I like her but probably wouldn't be friends with her in real life. We find humor through these character's relationship with each other as well as the outside world. I think a lot people will relate to the show because we hold up a mirror to what we see and hear in everyday life. We say the things we probably shouldn't. I hope the show can make us all laugh at ourselves more, and see just how plugged in/needy we can be for likes/favorites. We want to be an honest and goofy voice for people navigating their lives in our generation. As we just learned we are #Millennials and we are doing the damn thing the best we can. 

SW: Which episodes are your favorite and why?
JL: My favorite episode to date is our most recent one to air, Episode 2 of our second season. "If That Makes Sense" is on our website as well as the Audience Network YouTube channel in our playlist for #Millennials. Next weeks episode (Season 2 Episode 3) airs Thursday on DirecTV & U-verse at 6:55 PT/9:55 EST. Its called "Brother's Gram" and its based on how Casey's brother in real life can be a really terrible Instagrammer... and we just can't follow him anymore. (Sorry Shane we love you!) All episodes are posted to our website/Audience Network YouTube's channel the Monday after our Thursday airing. 

Watch #Millennials here, and follow #Millennials on Instagram.
You can follow along with Julia's adventures on Instagram and Twitter

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