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More than I love sipping champagne at shopping events, more than I love brunching with my friends, more than I love going out to dinner with bae, I love me some TV. It all started with my love of Law & Order and it's gotten severely out of control since the invention of the Internet. I'm guilty of spending days binge watching new series (just last week I spent Thanksgiving catching up on Chicago PD) and I'm guilty of getting wayyyyy too into my favorite shows (let's just say I'm a crier).

My new favorites? The Chicago trilogy on NBC! It all started with Chicago Fire, then Chicago PD, and most recently Chicago Med. I'm obsessed and did I mention Taylor Kinney (AKA Lady Gaga's handsome as hell fiancee) is one of the main characters in Chicago Fire? Plus, NBC makes it easy to watch their shows pretty much anywhere and every where with TVEverywhere. Just head to and click on "Full Episodes" and start watching! So simple and so convenient, especially since my TV has been broken for months. Who needs a television when you have TVEverywhere?

What are you waiting for? Evie & I are already snuggled up watching Chicago PD!

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