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The first few months of 2016 have come and gone meaning we should be about 20% closer to achieving those New Years resolutions we set months ago, but are you? I know I had big plans for myself and my business and I hate to admit that it's been harder than I anticipated to "crush 2016" like I planned. 

Perhaps my biggest obstacle has been staying motivated and staying on task. I'm finding it nearly impossible to stay focused and meet deadlines from the home office in my studio apartment. Between the dog, endless housework, and a multitude of distractions (like my neighbors lovely screaming toddlers and Justin Beiber sing-a-longs) I felt like I was not being as productive as I could be. So, to get my butt into gear I headed to WeWork's South Station co-working space to knock out my to-do list and get my inbox under control. 

First off, this is a really cool space. Sprinkled with colorful, quirky decor and inspirational quotes on the walls, this space is much more than an office space. There are ping pong meeting tables, open work spaces, private offices, and did I mention endless coffee and beer on tap!? One of my friends actually works out of the space on a daily basis and gave me a little tour of WeWork. It's a great space to work out of and I'm a little jealous he gets to work there every day. I'm seriously considering getting a membership. In addition to co-working spaces they have conference rooms available, a full service mail room, and private call rooms. 

Memberships start at just $45. For bloggers, freelancers, and start ups coworking spaces like WeWork are conveniently located and affordable. I'm considering a membership for the mail room option alone! After having a few packages stolen I find myself asking ahy pay for a PO Box when for just $50 a month when WeWork can sign for and hold all my packages til I can pick them up?! No brainer. For individuals I would definitely consider using this space to tackle big projects without distractions like tax prep and project deadlines.

WeWork is a great space to stay motivated, stay inspired, and stay on-task. For more info about memberships and pricing check out! Shout out to Alex & the team at WeWork South Station for hosting me for the day!

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