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It's been six months since I moved into my Chelsea condo and it's come quite a long way! With my living room paint project finished, my polka dot bathroom done, it's time to move onto the bedroom. When I moved in I haphazardly shoved my dresser and rolling racks, and junky little desk into my bedroom alongside my full size bed. In the New Year I'd like to get a bit more organized and accumulate less stuff; pare down a little, declutter, simplify things.

I don't spent a much time at all at my desk; in fact I really hate sitting at my desk. I'd rather be snuggled up in bed, hanging out on the couch, or sitting at the kitchen island working that sitting at my desk, but the fact remains that I need it to keep my notebooks, bills, and paperwork somewhat organized. And while it's rare, I do need someplace to sit in my bedroom that's not my bed. I found the perfect solution at BoConcept in Cambridge and it's called the Cupertino Wall Office.

The staff at BoConcept helped me to pick the perfect piece for my place. After browsing the showroom and finding pieces that fit your style, they can share digital mockups that help each client ensure that the piece selected will be the right size and proportion they desire for their space. Everything is super customizable; you can select the color, fabric, and finish on almost of their pieces. I was really impressed with the quality and construction of their furniture. They are durable and built to last with high quality materials and hinges.

I was so excited to set up my new desk area and start the New Year with a fresh space. Since it's not a traditional desk, I took the opportunity to create a small sitting area in my bedroom. I put a chair we had in the living room there temporarily, but ideally I'd like something vintage or vintage inspired with a cool pattern. The hunt begins! 

You may not even notice it's a desk at first hanging below my gallery wall. It has a panel that folds up and conceals the work and storage space. It also has a space for your speakers which I've turned into a little hiding space for my office supplies. Talk about design genius! BoConcept has so many clever pieces like this that provide ample storage with a sleek minimal design. The Cupertino desk is just one of many space savers they have to offer. I feel great going into the New Year with a more organized and less cluttered space! Here's to keeping all those resolutions to get organized in 2017!

This post was created in collaboration with BoConcept Cambridge. All content and opinions expressed are my own. Thanks for supporting those who support!

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