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This time of year is one of the costliest- between gifts, gatherings and holiday travel, I'm really starting to feel the squeeze on my wallet. With that in mind, I wanted to set a better plan for my financial goals and start fresh for 2017. Financial success is about way more than numbers, so I ventured over to Capital One Café in Harvard Square for their new (and complimentary) in-person money coaching sessions.

When I sat down with my coach, I wasn't quite sure what to expect. We used an iPad to run through a series of questions so my coach could get a feel for my current situation and attitudes towards money. The sessions are less focused on specifics and numbers and more focused on your emotions, well being and goals. The 90 minutes flew by; we identified and talked about my three primary goals: better organizing my business accounts, re-investing in my 401K (my current employer does not match contributions so I've slacked off) and starting a savings fund for unexpected home repairs and future upgrades.

I left my session with a clear plan of action and I am really inspired and looking forward to achieving these goals in the New Year! Now, this is not financial advising by any means– the coaches aren't going to ask for your account balances and assets and tell you how you should (or should not) be spending your money. It's a judgement free, guided program to give you a fresh perspective, big–picture view on your money and financial situation.

In addition to coaching, Capital One is also offering workshops at their various Café locations throughout greater Boston that cover everything from talking money with significant others, to how work can impact your finances. Talk about helpful! The Café concept arrived in Boston more than two years ago and has quickly evolved to locations in the Back Bay, Downtown Crossing, Brookline, Harvard and Ink Block, with new locations soon coming to the Seaport, Hingham and Lynnfield.

While I'm a Capital One customer, these services are free for everyone, so you can easily schedule a session at the Harvard Square Café. Capital One is constantly experimenting with new programs and ways for people to take control of their finances and develop innovative products to support that goal. I highly encourage you to stop in and start 2017 with a new perspective on your financials.

This post was sponsored by Capital One. All content and opinions expressed are my own. Thanks for supporting those who support!

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