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Meet my newest TV obsession! I was jonesing for a new show to binge watch when USA Networks invited me to collaborate with them on a sponsored opportunity for the season two premiere of their new show, Queen of the South. After one episode I was hooked and three days later I've finished bingeing season one on Netflix and am ready for season two! The countdown begins to June 8th when we finally get to see what's next for Teresa Mendoza. 

You guys know how TV obsessed I am; if I start a show I usually finish it, and you can bet I'm all caught up on my favorites. Queen of the South is the perfect summertime series filled with lots of action, one bad a** leading lady, and plot twists that will keep you wondering just what Teresa has gotten herself into. In preparation for any good binge sesh I got together some of my fave snacks; a little arugula, burrata, and prosciutto pizza, my favorite cookies from Fancypants Baking Co., my favorite ciders, a big bowl of popcorn and enjoyed an evening on the couch with my bestie. Needless to say, I #slay at being #QueenOfTheCouch! Take a peek and be sure to catch the season two premiere of Queen of the South June 8th at 10/9C! 

This post and video was sponsored by USA Network and Queen of the South. All content and opinions expressed are my own. Thanks for supporting those who support Style-Wire.com!

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