Cleaning Up My Act with Spindrift

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I'm really doing my best to clean up my act lately; removing the most toxic products from my beauty routine, reducing the number of times per week I order from UberEats, going the gym more frequently, cutting out the trips to Starbucks, and drinking more water. Thank god for Spindrift.

Magazines and nutritionists say the easiest way to drink more water is to add fruit to it, but I'm not one to spend all day chopping fruit and playing with flavor combinations. (Why do you think I order delivery so often?) Spindrift is America's first and only sparkling water made with real squeezed fruit making it an easy, delicious, and enjoyable way to drink less soda and coffee, and more water. Yup, that's it. Real fruit and sparkling water. 

It's not unusual to spy a can of Spindrift in my bag to enjoy with my lunch or after spin class. Target stores and lots of my favorite lunch spots (like The South End Butterycarry Spindrift too, so I can easily grab a can of my favorite Cucumber Spindrift to go along with my California BLT when I'm out for lunch. Okay, so maybe I'm just a little bit obsessed.

But what's not to love? Additional flavors include Strawberry, Raspberry Lime, Orange Mango, Grapefruit, Blackberry, and Lemon and they're all equally refreshing. They're all unsweetened so there's no added sugar, making some flavors like (Lemon and Blackberry) refreshingly tart. Cucumber and Strawberry are by far my favorite, but you'll pretty much never see me turn down a Spindrift!

Want to get a taste for yourself? Make sure you're following along with me on Instagram! I'll be giving away a Spindrift prize pack next week with an adorable lemon cooler bag and an assortment of flavors. 

Photos by Gia Peralta for Style Wire.

This post was sponsored by Spindrift, a Massachusetts company. I love supporting local businesses! All content and opinions expressed are my own. Thanks for supporting those who support!

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