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When I took my first class at Xtend, I wasn't sure I loved it. Despite practicing at other barre studios, Xtend challenged me in a whole new way. My legs shook, my core was burning, and it was seemingly never-ending. Fast forward a few months and I'm totally addicted. What is it about Xtend that sets it apart from other studios? Well, let me tell you...

You will challenge yourself in new ways.  Friends have said Xtend's barre workout is among the most challenging of any barre workout and I can attest, it isn't easy. I don't consider myself an athlete, but I'm certainly no newbie to boutique fitness. Each class, Xtend Barre challenges me to new (heel) heights. My legs shake and my arms burn but that's where the magic happens! Plus, Xtend offers a variety of modifications and advancements for most exercises ensuring each individual can have an experience that matches their skill level, no matter what that may be.

Form over Everything. I've never experienced a barre studio so dedicated to proper form and modifications! It's not uncommon to sustain injuries to the knees or lower back due to poor form but the instructors at Xtend are always on the look out for anyone who may be practicing with incorrect posture or form. Even among the most experienced practitioners, there's always room for improvement as you learn new advancements.

It's a judgement free zone. Whether you're taking your first class or your 100th everyone at the barre has room for improvement. Xtend is one of the most body-positive, all inclusive studios I've ever been to. From their baring it all marketing campaigns, to the welcoming attitudes of the staff and studio owners I've never once felt out of place at Xtend.

You're not going to do the same workout every day.  Especially if you mix it up with Xtend Stick or Xtend TRX classes! Most barre studios offer only one type of workout and switch it up seasonally, while Xtend offers a variety of classes to keep you challenged and progressing towards your goals. Pro tip: I love using New Balance NB Studio Skin footlets for Stick and TRX classes in lieu of traditional barre socks. You get the grip and comfort you need without sliding or compromising your form.

Join me at Xtend Barre Newbury
338 Newbury Street
2nd Floor
Boston, MA
(617) 351-6970

P.S. Boys are welcome at the barre too! With their expanded offering of classes, Xtends appeals to more than just women. You'll see a few guys in your typical TRX class. Xtend is among the most welcoming studios to the guys and I must say, I love seeing #boysatthebarre!

This post was created in partnership with Xtend Barre Newbury. After becoming a client I became a brand ambassador to share my experience. I do it because I love it; All content and opinions expressed are my own. Thanks for supporting those who support

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