Boston to Maine and everything in between with Totoya RAV4!

7:56 PM

A few weeks ago I borrowed a 2017 RAV 4 from Toyota for my trip to Maine; little did I know how much I would be able to get done before the trip with all the cargo space available! I had a bunch of to-dos before my trip and managed to get them all done.

First up; clearing out the guest bedroom. After my closet clean out and overhaul with SwapIt I had so much stuff to get rid of, SIX giant trash bags actually. I loaded up the RAV4 and began my consignment journey stopping first at Buffalo Exchange Somerville, then Thrive Somerville, then Buffalo Exchange Allston, then Urban Renewals. WHEW. Schlepping this around town in a small car would have been miserable. Thankfully the RAV4 has tons of space in the back, not to mention parallel parking in Somerville was a breeze thanks to the ample backup cams and sensors.

The next trip was to Home Depot. I picked up some new plants for the condo, fresh paint and rollers for the guest bedroom, and a few storage bins and packed it all into the SUV with ease. If only carrying it up the stairs to my condo was as easy as loading up the RAV4!

Errands aside, the RAV4 was the ideal vehicle for exploring Camden Hills State Park when we were in Maine. We could have camped in the car if we wanted to, there's just so much space! But the Toyota RAV4 really came through in the clutch on the way back from Maine. We stopped at the Kittery Outlets on the way back and I found the most amazing marble coffee table at the Crate + Barrel Outlet for crazy cheap and I had to have it. Unfortunately, it was 5:15pm and the delivery crew was done for the day. I could only buy it if I could fit it in the car and I could carry it out of the store myself. It was heavy AF but my we folded the seats down and carried it out and it fit perfectly in the back of the RAV4. MAJOR SCORE! I got a $500 coffee table for under $150!

I don't know what I would have done in a small car, I would definitely have had to leave my beautiful new coffee table behind. So many reasons to love this SUV and after the coffee table sitch, I'm pretty sure I'll never drive another car or sedan again. You never know when Crate + Barrel will have another sweet sale! Shout out to Toyota for letting me borrow this beautiful SUV. 

This post was created in collaboration with Toyota. All content and opinions expressed are my own. Thanks for supporting those who support!

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