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At the end of the day it felt like sand in my eyes; itchy, gritty, and uncomfortable. After wearing contact lenses religiously for nearly 15 years my eyes were starting to feel the effects. I adjusted my contact lens care schedule and tried eyedrops but the problem persisted so I decided to head to the optometrist. After a visit to Dr. Phillips at Brattle Square Optical, it turns out it wasn’t sand at all. It was actually dry eyes made worse by screens, ceiling fans, and the wrong contact lenses. After wearing contact lenses for over 15 years my eyes just weren’t getting enough oxygen. It was time to #ChangeItUp and try something different.

To get my eyes healthier, Dr. Phillips suggested wearing my glasses more when hanging out at home, and also fitted me with ACUVUE® OASYS® Brand Contact Lenses 1-Day with HydraLuxe™ Technology. Total game changer. These lenses are super comfortable and are designed to let in oxygen. No more gritty, sandy feeling at the end of the day, and because they’re 1-day disposable lenses I can just remove and toss them at the end of the night. 

During my visit, Dr. Phillips also adjusted my prescription a bit; my last optometrist gave me the same prescription in both eyes, but Dr. Phillips took a different approach and opted to put me in a more precise prescription with different strengths for each eye. I cannot only see better in my new ACUVUE® lenses, but with the feeling of dryness at bay, I’m more comfortable and able to enjoy my day and live life to the fullest. The fans during my favorite spin class don’t bother me, my vision isn’t clouded, and at the end of the day it no longer feels like my contact lenses are glued to my eyes.

I am absolutely loving these new lenses and am so happy I decided to #ChangeItUp and venture to Brattle Square Optical to see Dr. Phillips. He gave my eyes a clean bill of health following our visit! After about six months in my new ACUVUE® lenses and letting my eyes breathe in the evening by wearing my glasses at home, Dr. Phillips says my eyes won't feel so dry. Like I said, total game changer! 

For important safety info: http://bit.ly/2l5icaV

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