Getaway House: New Hampshire

10:29 PM

When I got back from my last trip to Texas I couldn't help but feel really overwhelmed with the stress of the upcoming holiday, work, and blog deadlines. I figured what better way to recharge mentally than by unplugging a bit sans wifi in the great outdoors so I booked a Getaway House somewhere in New Hampshire and counted down the days to my getaway. I say somewhere in New Hampshire because Getaway House doesn't tell you the exact destination of your tiny house until a few days before your departure, adding a bit of mystery to the whole trip.

When my guest and I arrived we easily found the Getaway site and made our way to our tiny house. Each sleeps 2-4 and our site even had a little loft sleeper above the bathroom. After we settled in and unloaded the Toyota 4-Runner, we sat down and kind of stared at each other for a minute, settling into the unfamiliarity of life without wifi, TV, and mirrors.

Yep, Getaway calls mirrors 'analog selfies' so don't expect to get a glimpse of yourself throughout the stay. They do have a two burner plate, pots and pans and a few dishes, a radio and bluetooth speaker, as well as playing cards, a book of card games, and a mini commissary with snacks for purchase like pasta and sauce, soup, beef jerky, Jiffy Pop, pour over coffee, and the like. Outside, each site has a fire ring, firewood and starter, a picnic table, and Adirondack chairs, making it simple to start a fire and cozy up with a bottle of wine for a few hours.

We spent the evening our arrival listening to music, drinking wine, and playing cards. I taught my guest how to play Speed and needless to say, I won every time. We talked into the hours of the early morning, and eventually fell asleep in the cozy queen size bed beside the giant glass window over looking the woods and a small stream. We woke up and drove into the nearest town for breakfast and then headed back for a lazy day napping and lounging around (our tiny house had a really cool Yogibo swing perfect for relaxing). Eventually, I caved and watched Pulp Fiction on my iPhone before we went out for a walk in the woods before sunset and then enjoyed another evening of shooting the shit by the fire.

I was bummed when we finally had to pack up and head back to reality in Boston. Two nights in the woods of New Hampshire just wasn't enough. Next time we will definitely stay and unplug a little longer. It's funny how quickly you adjust to a slower pace of life, even if you feel like the hustle and bustle of the city really serves you like I do, it felt really good to unplug, reset, refresh, and Getaway

I was provided a complimentary stay with Getaway in exchange for review and promotional purposes. All content and opinions expressed are my own. Thanks for supporting those who support!

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