3 Tricks to Instantly Improve a Hangover (And One You Should Be Doing Daily)

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Sometimes you know it before you even open your eyes. That's when it's really bad. Hangovers. Movies have been made about them, hours have been lost to them, and they always leave you shaking your head saying "never again." I've had a few, and while there's no cure, I've learned a few tips that will instantly give you new life and improve your quality of life (especially if you have to drag your butt to work).

Wash Your Face. Start with a clean slate and wash your face with cool water and a mild cleanser. The cool water will wake you up while tightening your pores, and the cleanser will take off the mascara that's most likely staining your face.

Brush Your Tongue. Yep, you heard me right. You should be doing this daily! Aside from clearing the disgustingness from the night before off your tongue (I know you didn't brush before bed!), brushing your tongue is the most effective way to eliminate bad breath. I've been brushing daily with a TUNG brush and gel and it's kind of strange to me that I never really brushed my tongue before (No seriously, buy yourself one, use coupon code aqdi-e34p-10r9 for 10% off and free shipping). I have a green one, I got my boyfriend an orange one, and my roommate has a pink one. Vote for you favorite color combo for a chance to win a $250 Amazon gift card.

Brighten Your Eyes. Tired, puffy, red eyes are a dead giveaway that you maybe went a little too hard last night. Some swear by cucumbers or tea bags, but I'm a big fan of First Aid Beauty's Eye Detox Eye Roller. It has a caffeine and a cooling metal roller and that reduces puffiness and dark circles and to be honest, just feels really nice. Follow it up with two drops of Rhoto Cool Redness Relief Cooling Drops and you'll feel awake, refreshed and ready to conquer whatever the day might throw at you!

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