Making Self Care Sunday Bubbly with Lila Wines

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We all have our little rituals; you know, the ones that keep us sane when things get a little crazy, or when we need to take some time to reconnect with ourselves. For me, that's typically on Sundays, and involves some sage or Palo Santo, candles, a face mask, and ultra-nourishing body butters! This week I added another element to my weekly ritual-- a bubbly one! A can of Lila Wines Bubbly Rosé is the perfect addition to Self Care Sundays, especially if you don't want to open a whole bottle or simply want to enjoy a single glass. 

My updated self care routine begins with opening a can of my favorite Lila Wine; since it's the peak of summer the Bubbly Rosé is the obvious choice, but sparkling is a close second! Then I move onto running the water for a bath, lighting my candles, and burning a little sage. Just before settling into the bath, I apply one of my favorite face masks. (A reusable straw is a must-have when sipping wine with a face mask to avoid a messy can!)

Then I just relax! Sometimes I put on music, usually something soothing or instrumental like Nina Simone or Explosions in the Sky, or one of Asha's incredible meditation recordings. Sometimes it's hard to tune things out (like the neighbors or the sounds of traffic on Route 1), or Bubzy will interrupt by barking endlessly at the neighbors or just by being the nosy little bugger he is, but that's life, right?

The whole point is to carve out time for yourself and attempt to reconnect with yourself and enjoy the little moments. And each of those moments is made better with a little bubbly! Lila Wines come in 4 packs and are perfect for keeping on hand for unexpected guests and summer adventures. We keep a few packs on hand in our bar cart; they're the perfect size for stashing in a beach bag, weekender, or in the cooler for pool parties and barbecues.

This post was sponsored by Lila Wines all content and opinions expressed are my own. Thanks for  supporting those who support! 

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